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... to you, whose duties or activities mean that you have to make several trips to or stays in Brussels ...

... to you, who regularly have to receive or send your co-workers, customers or friends ...

... to you, who, currently setting up in Brussels, are looking for temporary accommodation that is both functional and welcoming ...

... to you, who are looking for an immediately operational equipped office (modem connectable telephone - fax - photocopy service) with the aim of launching a new business, a new branch of your business, or if you need to be on the spot for a business deal in the European market ...

... to you, who, simply, are looking for a comfortable and reasonable accomodation in Brussels

you will be delighted by the advantages and facilities of a


Judiciously Equipped

which will enable you to have,

according to your circumstances or desires...

...a comfortably equipped office

or a cosy home from home

at the heart of the Capital of Europe

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Tel. :+3210688069

Fax : +3210681189

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